The sun is the core of the universe. It is also the very essence of life on earth. As the sun sends its beam to reach the ground, it turns into heat which becomes an energy used to bring life or heal -- from humans, animals, to plants and in all types of terrain: land water and the air. The sun’s energy is capable of turning tiny seeds into blooming plants and also helping create new life in the water. The sun has its own healing power that brings life and functionality back to once sick or dying organisms. It is a living, giving and healing entity. Reflecting on those powerful values of the sun, Makarizo introduces its new brand platform in Makarizo ENERGY. Without a doubt, this fresh new brand offers liveliness and audacity for those who are eager for something fun and energetic yet sincere in its mission to heal and treat. Makarizo ENERGY has a fresh new take on everything from its ingredients’ story, to its youthful, eye-popping orange packaging, sensorial and surprising formulations and scents, and audacious endorsers and communication platform. It shows a liveliness, eagerness and sincerity and offers something fun and energetic for all to enjoy.